Custom Synthesis

Scinva presents following custom synthesis services.

  • Literature scouting, scheme optimization and skill to carry out multi-step synthesis.

  • Synthesis of focused libraries, diversity oriented building blocks, peptides and other chemicals.

  • Manufacturing in milligrams to kilograms scale.

  • Ability to perform specialized reactions such as chlorination, bromination, hydrogenation, hydride reaction and Grignard reaction.


Impurity Profiling

Scinva supports your product development and audit situations by providing wide range of its impurity reference materials. In addition, we have substantial proficiency in the identification and synthesis of novel and challenging impurities, metabolites and degradants.

Drug Discovery

Intuition of medicinal chemist is greatest source of drug discovery, Scinva has required experience and expertise to discover novel molecules to modulate biological activity of therapeutic targets. Scinva supplements substantial value to client’s drug discovery projects at important stages by providing considerable intellectual input. We provide following services:

  • Designing novel molecules to modulate therapeutic targets.

  • Synthesis of designed molecules.

  • Development of target specific libraries.

  • Consultancy for hit-to-led optimization.


Process Development

Team Scinva has acquired thorough proficiency in process development by implementing several such projects. We can benefit our clients on these features of process improvement:

  • Development of non-infringing process.

  • Scale up.

  • Cost effective.

  • Environmental friendly.